From 2D animations and branded content, to events highlights and video news releases, the videos below are examples of the content I love to create!

Kellogg's 'Wearable Brek Tech'

Branded Content/Product Demo
Production Company: Smyle

I produced 6 videos for use online, filming across two days on location. Using actors, I directed the children to capture fun demonstrations of Kellogg's breakfast inventions.  

In the lead up to the shoot, I also worked closely with illustrators to create storyboards. I also managed the casting and sourced the location as part of the pre-production.

AutoTrader Office Tour

Brand Promo
Production Company: Blueprint Partners

Using a small but powerful camera (Sony A7S) on a Gimbal (small stabilising unit) I produced a Head Office tour video for AutoTrader. With a smooth and constant movement throughout, customers had an 'access all areas' view of the vast range of experts that work with them every day! Using a member of staff as the presenter, I worked closely with him and his colleagues to help deliver the script and key messages naturally to camera.

International Student Innovation Awards 2016

News/PR - Same day shoot & edit
Production Company: TNR

To celebrate the international event hosted in London, I produced content for broadcast, online and social media. I interviewed the finalists, spokespeople and guests at the event, using key messages from my client to capture the story and raise awareness. We edited the video overnight, ready for media use the following morning. The footage was used by broadcasters around the world.

Captain Morgan's 'The Bar Staff Swap'

News/PR Stunt - Same day shoot & edit
Production Company: Smyle

Directing a two-man camera crew at a busy London pub, I produced a series of news and social media edits for Captain Morgans. Working with former professional footballers, we filmed a live stunt surprising unsuspecting bar staff. With minimal rehearsal time I had to quickly create a good rapport with the talent, giving them constant direction throughout the morning.

Keep Britain Tidy - Bin It For Good 2017

Campaign Promo - Shoot, Edit & Motion GFX
Direct Client

Working closely with the marketing team, I was asked to create a video to form part of the charity's 'International Good Cause Awards' submission. Following a fantastic win, we used the existing footage and campaign artwork to create a promo to spread the message further. We brought the poster and leaflet artwork to life, animating it alongside the live action content I previously shot with my crew. From just one shoot, the charity now have two fantastic videos for marketing use.

British Takeaway Awards 2016

Event Highlights Package
Production Company: Blueprint Partners

As lead Video Producer, I created 50+ VTs for the event. These were used to generate interest on social media in the lead up, during the awards ceremony, and post event for national and regional media. I directly managed a team of editors and animators, as well as produced the shoots for live action VTs. This highlights VT was edited overnight on site, capturing the best bits from the star-studded evening.

Complex Care

Emotive Case Study
Production Company: DMI Productions

It was my privilege and a personal career highlight meeting Mac and his family. I produced a video to raise awareness of the intense, and often complex, care that follows a life-changing illness. I interviewed Mac and his daughter to capture their personal experience. We were also able to film some of his daily routine to show a typical day in the life of Complex Care staff.

NSPCC Childline Ball

Event Highlights Package
Production Company: Blueprint Partners

To celebrate the success of Childline's annual fundraising event and increase awareness for future events, I produced a highlights package on site for use by broadcast, online and social media. I interviewed the event hosts and celebrity guests to create the narrative, I then selected the key visuals on the night, creating an exciting and inspiring video for the charity. The content was made available to media over night.

Capita 'Testing Solutions'

Infographic Animation
Production Company: DMI Productions

Choosing a bright and energetic 2D infographic animation style, I worked with motion graphics artists and voice over talent to create a fun and informative video. With a lively sound track, fun sound effects and friendly voice over, the animation was able to communicate a technical message in a simple, jargon-free way, to reach a wider audience.  

British Takeaway Awards

Chef of the Year Nominee VT
Production Company: Blueprint Partners

As lead producer, I directed a five-man camera crew, including two roaming cameras and a jib-mounted camera. Filming in a professional kitchen, we shot four chefs competing for a national award. As well as live action shots of the competition, we also filmed the celebrity  judging panel and interviewed both judges and competitors. The video was shown at the awards ceremony as well as used on social media after the event.

The Guardian - Response+

2D Animation
Production Company: Blueprint Partners

Following the client briefing, I wrote the script specifically for a 2D infographic animation style. With this in mind I worked with the animator, bringing it to life in storyboard form, before creating the animatic. Adding key words with fun visual connotations allowed us to create a vibrant and stylish animation that keeps evolving, using all brand colours available to us. I also produced the voice over and oversaw the final delivery,

Make-A-Wish 'World Wish Day'

Production Company: DMI Productions

With an open brief to 'produce an emotive public service announcement for U.S. broadcast media', I worked with a script writer, illustrator and animator to create an animation using an original poem. Within the playful 'nursery rhyme' hand drawn animation, we added real stills and videos, of the children from the charity, for added emotional appeal.

Lidl Intranet Still Frame

Lidl Intranet Launch - Storyboard Image

Infographic - Internal New Service Launch
Production Company: Direct Client

Commissioned directly by Lidl UK, I produced a fun and lively animation to launch the new company-wide Intranet service. With sensitive information, the video was sent round internally to all head office, warehouse and in-store employees. Since it's launch, the video has been translated into 10+ languages and continues to set the marketing standard around the world, as they roll-out their new employee service.

London Technology Week

Event Promo/Highlights Package
Production Company: No Magnolia

The largest event of it's kind in the UK, my crew and I travelled round London capturing the latest in innovation and technology, interviewing senior leaders from Google, Lloyds and Goldman Sachs, to name a few. Filming key landmarks around London we created stylised motifs to break up the different sections of the video.

National Geographic, 'Mars' Mini-Series Launch

News/Product Launch
Production Company: TNR

To launch the new mini-series, 'Mars' for National Geographic, I filmed an exhibition showing life on Mars in 2025. The video had to be ready for media use within hours, so it was important the interview questions were well structured in advance and key messages seamlessly integrated to ensue mass media appeal. The story was picked up around the world by TV and online media outlets.